20 Memories That Will Make Future Generations Go, “Huh?”

As we zoom forward in time, some things from the past might seem a bit strange to those who come after us. People in a Reddit group shared 20 moments that made their past special but might puzzle the future. Let’s hop into this time machine of memories!

1: Windy Car Windows and Sing-Along Moments

Photo credit: Daniel Hansen

Remember those small windows in cars you could open? They let in a cool breeze on hot trips. If you saw another driver jamming to the same song, you might start a spontaneous car concert until the light changed.

2: No Phones, More Freedom

Photo credit: Alan Kotok

Back before phones were glued to our hands, we could explore on our bikes without parents calling all the time. Ignoring curfew rules was exciting, knowing we wouldn’t be interrupted by a phone.

3: Fixing Cars without Fancy Stuff

Photo credit: Riley

In the past, cars were simple, and anyone could fix them with basic tools. We’d hear the engine’s music and learn how things worked, fixing what was broken.

4: Private Talks in Phone Booths

Photo credit: Jisun Han

Those phone booths weren’t just for calls. They were like little rooms where you could talk in peace, away from noise. No distractions, just you and your conversation.

5: Trust in News and Everybody Watching the Same Thing

With only a few TV channels, news was important, and everyone watched. We believed what we heard, and we all talked about the same shows.

6: Hellos and Goodbyes at the Airport Gate

Photo credit: Skitterphoto

Once upon a time, we could walk our loved ones to the gate before their plane left. Waiting there to see them off or welcome them back was a special feeling.

7: Waiting for Snail Mail Surprises

Photo credit: Suzy Hazelwood

Waiting for letters and cards was like a little adventure. Every trip to the mailbox was a chance for a nice surprise, unlike checking emails today.

8: Snow Days: The Best Kind of Surprise

Photo credit: Jess Zoerb

Imagine waking up to snow and listening to the radio to know if school was closed. When they said it was, it was like winning a small prize.

9: Music Hunt in Record Stores

Photo credit: Mick Haupt

Music used to come in big, flat things called records. We’d go to stores, look at cool album covers, and smell the sweet scent of incense. Finding new music was an adventure.

10: Road Maps and Finding Your Way

Photo credit: Sergey Tarasov

Before GPS, we had paper maps. We’d stop at gas stations for help. It was like a game of finding our way through the roads.

11: Newspapers: Unfold, Crinkle, Read

Photo credit: Gül Işık

Newspapers were big and had interesting stories. Unfolding them was fun, even if your fingers turned black from the ink.

12: Music Fests: Listen, Don’t Record

Photo credit: Yan Krukau

At music festivals, everyone just enjoyed the music. There were no phones recording everything. We were all in the moment.

13: Buttons and Bumping Phones

Photo credit: Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

Old phones had buttons you’d push. Slamming the phone down when mad was a good feeling. Also, we’d share phone lines and sometimes listen in on others’ calls.

14: Phones Away at Concerts

Photo credit: Johannes Havn

At concerts, no one was staring at their phones. We just enjoyed the music and being there, in the now.

15: Meeting Friends in Ticket Lines

Photo credit: hildgrim

Waiting in line for tickets wasn’t boring. You’d chat with others in line, maybe even make new friends.

16: TV and Radio Together Time

Photo credit: Mike Spasoff

With fewer channels, we all watched the same shows and talked about them. Radio DJs also told us what music was cool.

17: Learning with Big Books

Photo credit: Pixabay

Encyclopedias were like the internet in books. We’d open one to find answers and end up learning about more stuff.

18: Tiny Phones in Big Pockets

Photo credit: José Miguel S

Phones used to be small and fit in pockets. It was nice not carrying a huge device everywhere.

19: Enjoying Theme Parks without Phones

At theme parks, we had fun without phones. We didn’t take videos; we lived in the moment.

20: Easy Tickets, No Extra Fees

Getting tickets to events was easy, and there were no extra fees. Waiting in line was a chance to chat with others excited about the same thing.


As we look back at these 20 memories, they remind us of simple moments that made life special. While they might seem strange to the future, they show the joy of living in the moment and connecting with each other. Just like our grandparents’ stories, these memories will make us smile and say, “Ah, those were the days.”

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