Animals make beautiful captures when they pose to the camera.

We, people, pose differently in front of the camera. But animals can’t pose differently. If we need their captures, we should try more clickings. Here you can see a few clicks of them.

The big lazy cat is getting up after many sleeping hours. He follows his morning routine before having his breakfast. Tigers are carnivorous. But I didn’t see any terrible tigers there. His action reminds me of a cute pussy cat.

The peacock is a wonder of nature. It has a long plumage. When the peacock diffuses its plumage, it creates a picturesque beauty. What a beautiful click.  This capture is also taken at that kind of time. What a great color combination.

Two tiny cheetah cubs are looking at something. They may look at their mother. Their mother may bring some food for their two little tummies. How cute they are.

The elephant gang has gone away somewhere. The leader is commanding them, and others are following him. The team has a few baby elephants. Their mothers also may be there. Sometimes they go for food or search for some water to drink. However, they enjoy the freedom here.

This colorful bird is showing its back to the camera. However, it generates a different beauty. I wonder if the parrot has a partner. The bird lives alone and enjoys freedom.

What a cute guy. This white kitty has climbed a tree. The kitty got scared and didn’t know how to get off the tree. Its eyes say that hidden story. He may wait for someone to get a favor. Poor kitty. This click makes me.

Oh ….what an adorable click. A cute tiger cub is finding warmth from its mother.  It appears cute and tiny. But it will become an adult tiger one day.  Its mother will teach it how to become a strong tiger one day.

What a sweet pose…  the parrot seems like a judge or a traffic policeman. When a judge offers, a decision or a traffic policeman helps to cross the road, they up their hands this way. However, this blue-touched yellow guy makes me hilarious.

An angry gorilla. I haven’t seen any happy gorillas. Sometimes this may be their original look.  We cannot measure them as angry animals. They also have innocent souls inside of them. It seems the gorilla is thinking of something or looking at its enemy.

Koalas are animals that always get sleep. They appear sleepy and lazy look always. However, the photographer has taken this click when the koala is alive.

oh.. this guy poses well for this click. What a cute guy. Mother nature is unique. She has given a different look to this bird. It is something attractive and a bit terrible. But he is innocent.

Butterflies are a precious gift of nature. I am curious to know how they have got colors. However, they color up this world amazingly. When we look at a butterfly, we feel an invisible thrill. Especially their flying style makes us happy.  This click is lovely.

Animal’s poses are different from ours. We take planned photographs. But we usually see random clicks of animals. However, they are more beautiful than us.

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