Have you ever seen a giant flapping rock somewhere?

Have you ever seen a giant flapping rock somewhere? Have you ever seen this giant animal somewhere? If you see them, I’m sure you will wonder at once. This is something about the most significant existing land animal in the world.

Elephants are the giant existing land animal in the world. They are herbivorous, and they always build their habitats near water sources. There are three types of elephants in the world. You can find them in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa as The Asian elephant, the African bush elephant, and the African forest elephant.

They look like giant rocks. You’ll feel you are handling a rough blanket if you touch their skin. But that imagined rock has a trunk, two big ears like winnowing fans, and four big legs like mortars. Some elephants have tusks. They have an excellent walking style. These unique features add a majestic look to the elephant. They use their trunks for breathing, bringing water and water to their mouths. Their large ears help them to control their body temperature. Their tusks look like weapons. They dig, gather food, lift objects and strip something by using their tusks. They use their tusks when they are on flights. Elephants are usually seen as a family. Some people consider elephants as a lucky charm. Asian people Especially believe it. I do not have enough words to write about this giant herbivorous.

You can see a few clicks of elephants. Please visit them and catch their legacy in your eyes.

#1 people consider the elephant as an intelligent animal. This click inspired me. This picture says something about their intelligence. There is a rumor that if elephants realize something, they memorize it. They would use it necessarily if they got a second chance. If you see an elephant one day, please take a look. You will identify their intelligence.

photo credit: pexels.com

#2 Please take a look at this giant black rock. Although you couldn’t touch the elephant, you can touch it through this picture. Its wavy skin seems rough, but you can see thin fur around it. You can see a tusk on this click. These tasks are derived from the incisor teeth of elephants. It adds huge value to the elephant’s outlook.

photo credit: pexels.com

#3 this is an African elephant. It is more significant than Asian elephants. The main difference is that African elephants’ ears are more prominent than Asian elephants. It seems they have terrified looks. It comes from their giant fan-shaped ears. However, they color up the wild kingdom.

photo credit: pexels.com

#4 Elephants are social animals. They live in large groups. At least they live with few members. If someone misses their gang, they live alone. There is a rumor that lonely elephants are more terrified than gang elephants.
If a female elephant gets a baby for their gang, every other female elephant protects that baby elephant as their child. You can see they are in forests or somewhere that they can access for water needs.
I closed my eyes for a while. Now I see a giant black rock in my mind. It has two ivory tusks and a long trunk. Oh, it has big ears, too, and it flaps both ears. It seems it is a sunny day.

photo credit: pexels.com

There is a conflict between humans and elephants. Some people couldn’t realize where our place is and where their place is. We should clarify it soon.
In the real sense of the word, elephants are beautiful creatures. They add majestic value to the entire wild kingdom. Therefore, we should protect its legacy.
Thank you…..

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