Motivational Dog Quotes: My 12 Photographs Accompanied By Words Of Canine Wisdom

Meet Chris Miller, a renowned dog photographer in the UK, celebrated for his ability to capture the essence of dogs through his lens. With an unshakeable passion for his craft, Chris embarked on a remarkable project, the “Motivational Dog Quotes” photo series. In this series, he merges his love for dogs with inspirational dog quotes, creating a heartwarming and uplifting experience for dog lovers across the globe. Each photograph tells a unique story of the deep bond between humans and their four-legged companions, a testament to the enduring love and wisdom that dogs bring to our lives.

#1 No Matter How Many Years We Get With Our Dogs, It’s Never Long Enough

Photo credit: mrpubzz

In this poignant photograph, we are introduced to Paqo, a rescue dog. The image is a tribute to the love between dogs and their humans, a reminder of the bittersweet truth that our time together is always too short. Paqo, who was rescued by Tess Eagle Swan from Romania, was a remarkable canine companion who recently crossed the rainbow bridge. The image captures a sense of nostalgia and the profound impact that dogs can have on our lives. It serves as a touching testament to the timeless bond between humans and their faithful friends.

#2 Helen Thomson – “A Well-Trained Dog Will Make No Attempt To Share Your Lunch. He Will Just Make You Feel So Guilty That You Cannot Enjoy It.”

Photo credit: mrpubzz

Meet Dexter, an endearing young Labrador whose puppy dog eyes reveal a longing for that cherished lunch. This photo captures the art of training and the heartwarming companionship between a dog and its owner. Dexter’s longing gaze is a universal experience for dog owners; it’s a mixture of guilt, love, and the inescapable feeling that your dog’s happiness is of utmost importance. The image showcases the powerful connection that develops between humans and their well-behaved yet food-loving canine companions.

#3 C. J. Frick – “Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are”

Photo credit: mrpubzz

Pippa, a working cocker spaniel, stands amidst the forest in Ascot, Berkshire, UK. This image encourages us to reflect on the profound influence dogs have on our character and the remarkable way they see us. Pippa’s pose and expression capture the essence of unwavering trust and admiration that our dogs have for us. They see us as the best versions of ourselves, inspiring us to strive for that ideal every day. Chris’s skill in capturing this moment in a natural and familiar setting underscores the authenticity of the bond between humans and their dogs.

#4 Ambrose Bierce – “The Most Affectionate Creature In The World Is A Wet Dog”

Photo credit: mrpubzz

Maple, a Labrador, is pictured here right after a refreshing romp in the water. The photograph illustrates the unique affection and joy that dogs bring into our lives, even when they’re soaking wet. Maple’s playful and affectionate demeanour, captured in this image, speaks to the incredible capacity of dogs to bring joy to even the simplest moments. The way they express their love, whether dry or wet, is a heartwarming reminder of the simple pleasures they find in life and the happiness they share with us.

#5 Josh Billings – “A Dog Is The Only Thing On Earth That Loves You More Than He Loves Himself”

Photo credit: mrpubzz

Alfie, a white Jackapoo, exudes pure devotion as he is captured in his garden in Weston Super Mare, UK. This image celebrates the selfless love that defines our furry friends. Alfie’s gaze, filled with adoration and loyalty, exemplifies the selflessness and unconditional love that dogs offer us. This image reflects the notion that dogs put their human happiness and well-being above all else, a quality that touches the hearts of dog owners around the world.

#6 Kristan Higgins – “When An 85-Pound Mammal Licks Your Tears Away, Then Tries To Sit On Your Lap, It’s Hard To Feel Sad”

Photo credit: mrpubzz

Finlay the Labrador, surrounded by the serene forest in Ascot, Berkshire, UK, reminds us of the comforting and healing presence dogs have when we’re feeling down. Dogs have a remarkable ability to sense our emotions and provide us with solace in times of distress. Finlay’s gentle gesture of trying to sit on the lap of his human after licking away tears underscores the therapeutic effect of a dog’s love. This image beautifully captures the unique way in which dogs offer comfort and a shoulder to lean on during difficult moments in our lives.

#7 Judy Desmond – “A Dog Is The Only Thing That Can Mend A Crack In Your Broken Heart”

Photo credit: mrpubzz

This heartwarming image features a four-week-old Sprizsla puppy, a Vizsla and Springer crossbreed, right beside her loving mother. It showcases the remarkable ability of dogs to heal and mend even the deepest emotional wounds. The sight of the tiny puppy nestled next to her mother symbolizes the profound comfort that dogs provide, especially in times of heartache and sorrow. The image illustrates the unique ability of dogs to mend not only our hearts but also the cracks in our souls.

#8 “Some People Don’t Understand Why My Dog Means So Much To Me. That’s OK. My Dog Does”

Photo credit: mrpubzz

Unconditional love is a theme that resonates with every dog owner, as depicted in this photograph. This image is a celebration of the deep bond between dogs and their owners. It underscores the idea that, while some may not fully comprehend the extent of our affection for our dogs, what truly matters is the unwavering love and companionship our dogs offer us. Dogs understand our hearts and souls in a way that transcends words.

#9 “Do You Ever Look At Your Dog And Think… How Did I Get So Lucky?”

Photo credit: mrpubzz

This image encourages us to reflect on the blessings and joy that our dogs bring into our lives. It highlights the sense of gratitude that dog owners often feel when they consider the incredible luck of having such wonderful companions. The photograph captures the essence of the happiness and contentment that dogs bring to our lives.

#10 Jonathan Safran Foer – “Why Does Watching A Dog Be A Dog Fill One With Happiness?”

Photo credit: mrpubzz

The unbridled joy of witnessing a dog’s happiness is vividly captured, reminding us of the sheer delight these animals bring. The image portrays a dog in its element, revelling in the simple joys of life. Dogs remind us to embrace the present moment, and this photograph beautifully encapsulates the unadulterated happiness that they bring into our lives.

#11 W.r. Purche – “Everyone Thinks They Have The Best Dog. And None Of Them Are Wrong”

Photo credit: mrpubzz

The photograph features three Labradors: Dexter, Maple, and Finlay, all embodying the individuality and charm of every dog. Each of these Labradors represents a unique personality, yet they all share the common thread of being the “best” dog in their owners’ eyes. This image speaks to the diversity and special qualities that each dog possesses, highlighting the fact that every dog is truly the best in their own way.

#12 Cesar Millan – “Dogs Don’t Rationalize. They Don’t Hold Anything Against A Person. They Don’t See The Outside Of A Human But The Inside Of A Human”

Photo credit: mrpubzz

Zola, a four-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy, reveals her soulful puppy eyes in her garden in the UK.


In a world that can sometimes feel chaotic and challenging, the “Motivational Dog Quotes” series by Chris Miller reminds us of the simple yet profound wisdom that our canine friends impart. Dogs teach us about loyalty, unconditional love, and the importance of living in the present moment. Each photograph captures a moment of pure joy, unbreakable bonds, and the inspiring connection between humans and their dogs. As Chris continues to share his heartwarming work, he invites us all to embrace the laughter and smiles that dogs bring into our lives. These photographs and quotes are a tribute to the remarkable gift that dogs offer us every day – a love that is truly one of a kind.

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