Scary Bridges: 12 Thrilling Structures That Will Make You Nervous

Bridges are usually about connecting places, but not all bridges are the same. Some bridges are super exciting and can make your legs wobble with fear. Let’s take you on a journey to explore 12 of the world’s scariest bridges, from Colorado’s Royal Gorge Bridge, which swings high above a river, to Japan’s Eshima Ohashi Bridge, which feels like a roller coaster. Hold on tight – this adventure isn’t for scaredy-cats!

1. Seven-Mile Bridge – Florida

Photo credit: Today USA

Our journey begins in the Sunshine State with the Seven-Mile Bridge. This marvel spans seven miles over the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys, offering breathtaking views, but don’t be fooled by its beauty. It’s an intimidating stretch of road with nothing but the sea below and the sky above, enough to make even the most seasoned travellers feel a tinge of vertigo.

2. Royal Gorge Bridge – Colorado

Photo credit: Traveling the World

Hanging 956 feet above the rushing Arkansas River, the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado is not for folks who are afraid of heights. It has wooden planks that sway when you walk on them and cables that make eerie sounds. If you’re brave enough to cross it, you’ll feel like you’re on a roller coaster high in the sky.

3. Titlis Cliff Walk – Switzerland

Switzerland’s Titlis Cliff Walk takes you to the edge, literally. It’s a skinny bridge hanging 1,600 meters above the ground with a clear glass floor. Walking on it gives you a heart-pounding view of the huge drop below your feet.

4. Puente de Ojuela – Mexico

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The Puente de Ojuela in Mexico is like a time machine. It’s an old bridge that sways over a rocky canyon. Walking on its wooden planks, you might feel like you’re in the Wild West, with the creaking sounds making it even scarier.

5. The Hanging Bridge of Ghasa – Nepal

Photo credit: Men’s Room Reloaded

In Nepal, the Hanging Bridge of Ghasa swings gracefully above the wild Gandaki River. It’s made of cables and wooden planks and is the only way to cross from one side to the other. It’s an exciting, though a bit nerve-wracking, adventure.

6. Coiling Dragon Path – China

Photo credit: Jagmohan Singh

China’s Coiling Dragon Path is not for the faint of heart. It’s carved into a steep cliff, and it offers an amazing, though kind of scary, view. Walking on a metal grate with only the wind around you is like stepping into an adventure movie.

7. Q’eswachaka Bridge – Peru

Photo credit: American inca Trail

In Peru, the Q’eswachaka Bridge is made entirely of woven grass. It’s like walking on a natural tightrope, with the swaying fibres reminding you of how delicate it is.

8. Kuandinsky Bridge – Russia

Photo credit: Upbeat News

Deep in Siberia, the Kuandinsky Bridge is a skinny, rusty lifeline over the icy Vitim River. With no railings and crazy weather, it’s a real test of bravery.

9. Hongyagu Bridge – China

Photo credit: Beauty of China

China’s Hongyagu Bridge is famous for its glass bottom. It’s super high up, and when you look down, you can feel your stomach flip as you see the ground far below.

10. Hussaini Hanging Bridge – Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Hussaini Hanging Bridge is like a high-wire act. It sways in the wind as you cross it, testing your balance and courage.

11. Iya Kazurabashi – Japan

Photo credit: Japan Blossoms

Hidden in Japan’s Iya Valley, the Kazurabashi bridges are made of vines and wooden planks. They might look fragile, but they’ve been there for a long time, offering an exciting adventure.

12. Eshima Ohashi Bridge – Japan

Photo credit: Relaxing Mood

Our journey ends in Japan with the Eshima Ohashi Bridge, often called the “Roller Coaster Bridge.” It has a super steep slope that makes your heart race as you go up and down.


These 12 scary bridges aren’t just ways to get from one place to another; they are heart-pounding adventures that push you to be brave. Whether you’re dangling over a canyon, battling tough weather in Siberia, or walking on a swaying grass bridge, these bridges will make your legs feel like jelly and make you love the thrill of adventure. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and cross these hair-raising bridges? It’s not just about reaching the other side; it’s about the exciting journey that’ll give you unforgettable memories and a new love for the thrill of being daring.

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