These Nature blessed moments make you calm and quiet.

Nature generates millions of miracles every day. From the morning to the sun dawn, It colors this world uniquely. The rain, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, tree covers, and so many things are there. We still need to find out how Nature creates all these creatures alone.

Here you can see a bunch of wonder clicks. It shows you how amazing the world is because of Nature.

What an excellent click. The white surface with red shines. The Sun is rising in the sky above the white clouds. The undersky seems like a cotton bowl. The red shiny sun rays spread in the upper atmosphere. Snow appears in the right corner. I’m sure the Sun does not wipe away these white clouds until the afternoon. If someone catches this excellent capture in the morning, they will spend the day with cheer and happiness. I expect to see this superb capture one day in my life.

The sunflower is the flower that booms with the Sun rising. It goes to sleep with the Sun’s dawn. This pretty yellow flower has gotten big petals. There are a few dews drops on a petal. After a few moments, they will disappear.

It appears as the Sun.

What a beautiful moment. The world is getting Dark for the night. This swinging girl is enjoying the moment. She might enjoy the sea breeze. The Sun has spread a dark yellow shine on the sky. These giant coconut trees get more value to the capture.

I” m sure the Sun is going to sleep now.

This giant tree cover makes something terrible outlook. These trees look like capture of a horror film. But there is a unique beauty inside
this picture with the mist.

It seems these trees hide many natural secrets in their arms.

A giant moose is looking at us. It belongs to the jungle. But we are in shelters. It roams here and there for free. They have more freedom than us. We have a lot of work to do. We are always running for something. It seems the moose looks at our running life.

This capture wipes all my evil thoughts away. What a great blessing of Nature. This waterfall looks like a thin white snake. It is coming from a secret place inside the giant mountain. But the narrow waterfall makes a vast water tank.

There is an aurora in the sky. It brightens the sky with shiny green lights. The aurora is known as the polar lights. It is seen around the arctic and Antarctic regions.

What an excellent click. I need to spend my time here. These giant green trees spread their arms and try to grasp each other’s arms. The floor appears as a green carpet. This click inspires green lovers.

Three beautiful waterfalls flow down. It creates a picturesque beauty with these giant green rocks. I need to find out where they come from. But it would be a great beginning. The three waterfalls hand over the whole water load to a river. The river brings it to the sea. What a great combination.

Nature is a blessing for all living beings. Not only mountains, tree covers, waterfalls, rivers, and animals, but humans are also a part of Nature. We cannot change the shape of Nature. We should protect it while enjoying its beauty.

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